2014 m. rugsėjo 27 d., šeštadienis

We chose the project theme knowing that primary school children are very curious, self-confident, creative, always looking for something new. We will offer pupils to motivate more, to know themselves and their environment through experiments, observation and creativity. In nature, students will experience the joy of discovery and knowledge, will learn how to organize leisure time, will realize an importance of clean and healthy environment for human, moving and playing will experience a lot of positive emotions and realize that it's very healthy. It will be very interesting to exchange experience and ideas with teachers of partner countries on these themes: Health (we will do a research on acid effect on teeth, will get to know how noise effects our health, will do an experiment by growing mould...). We will do some environmental researches. We will study air pollution. We will make a mini terrarium and do experiments, digest food garbage, get to know the sun's effect on plants... Children are very creative personalities. That's why we will do some experiments in Art. We will get to know the variety of colours and what effect it has on us, will make some things from waste products. While doing experiments and researches pupils will get to know lots of secrets which helped implementing important inventions in mankind's evolution. We will create a project website, organise video conferences.